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Jane E Christenson 2004

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In Memory Of Heather Heyer

In Memory Of Heather Heyer

August 13, 2017

By John Kaniecki

Today is a day of sorrow
So alive,
So young,
So beautiful,
You will never see tomorrow-
There is the reality
Instead of you
It could have been me
Or anyone who serves the cause
Who fights the fight
For justice and all that is right,
You did not want the martyr’s role
But you sacrificed your soul,
And so your name is written down
One more on a list far too long
Your spirit has been released
May you find a gentle peace
I can only offer you one thing
Besides my regret
That your name Heather Heyer
We will never forget.
Now is the time to mourn
Now is the time to cry
To see this world of scorn
And not only ask ‘Why?’
But to try
To make it better
Fair thee well

Heather Heyer 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Revolution Made Easy Chapter 5 Reasons For Revolution Part 3

Chapter 5 Reasons For Revolution Part 3

          What is more important money in the bank or peace of mind? I don’t own an expensive car. My car has a big gash on the side and is far from a luxury model. Thus when I leave it outside or drive into a high crime neighborhood I don’t worry about it getting stolen. If I drove a high price car I might have a more comfortable ride but I’d lose my peace of mind. You see in life we have choices and those choices affect what kind of life we have. For example I had a choice of studying to further my engineering career or studying to further my ministerial career. I chose the latter because helping people to me was more important to me than making money.
          The United States is a capitalistic nation to a point. More accurately we have a financial oligarchy that borders on fascism. Whatever the case most Americans love money. If you have enough money in America you can purchase anything whether it is illegal or illegal. I object to the massive accumulation of wealth in the hand of a few individuals. When the top three richest persons have an equal wealth of the bottom ten percent of the Earth’s population there is a problem. I wouldn’t mind people having luxuries; it is when they are attained at the impoverishment of the masses that I have a serious problem.
          How can anybody justify this disparity in wealth? Clearly those three people didn’t out produce over nearly a billion people. Of course that argument can be made that those three people were more clever or brilliant. The word that one needs in such a description is very clear, that word is ‘evil’. If you possess so much wealth and have no compassion on your fellow human being than you are indeed a miserable miser.
          Of course wealth is a relative thing when it comes to material possessions. The poor of America would be considered rich in some third world nations. In fact people who manage to eat three meals a day would be considered well off in a lot of places. There is poverty in this world where babies starve to death. Think of that reality when the government tells you that it needs more money for sophisticated jet fighters or updating nuclear weapons. Innocent babies are starving as you direct your attentions towards dealing death and destruction towards innocents.
          The present economic situation in the United States is one of fear rather than security. In this society one needs to have some way of producing income. Nothing is owned by the people rather the government owns everything. You cannot own houses or property without paying rent to the government, because they chose to use the word taxes, does not change the reality of the situation. Furthermore to survive you cannot live off of the land which forces one to work a job that produces income. God forbid that you suffer from an illness or you need special care. People have been left to die from severe medical conditions as medical insurance companies would rather save money than save a life.
          One must understand that the imbalance of wealth in this world is through fraudulent and corrupt practices. France once dominated North Africa with its military and to this day demands tribute for those poor nations that were France’s former colonies. So France lives in luxury while Africa is robbed of its wealth. It is like the bully demanding the lunch money from the scrawny kids.
          The United States exists on one hundred percent stolen land. Furthermore it was built upon stolen labor. Now some in the United States justify their heinous crimes by saying that was a long time ago. Well allow me to say this. If you had a distant relative who had money in the bank and you were the heir would you want your money back? Not only would you demand to have your money but you would insist on having every penny of interest paid as well. Well in like manner the slaves from those stolen from Africa have invested in the system with blood, sweat and tears. The fact that they were appeased with starvation wages and sporadic free educations in the oppressor’s schools does not change the matter. Even the forfeited forty acres and a mule never paid would have been just. If one was to pay back perhaps a payment would be the territories of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. But the whole argument is pointless as truly the Native Americans have never ceded these lands. Any agreements that exist were either signed by falsehood or by duress.
          This economic disparity fosters crime of all sorts. It also prompts fools to covet money so they can purchase the latest style or electronic innovation which gives there miserable life some mockery of meaning. When society focuses on the material the spiritual is lost. The United States is a giant goliath who has lost its soul in a mad frenzy for material gain. It systematically crushes other nations and tortures its citizens all so that at the end of the day the tally sheets of the financers increase all in pointless vanity to satisfy insatiable egos of wickedness.  The situation is where a giant pulls others down to elevate itself over the others when it should be uplifting all.

          It is a sad thing but revolution is not only around the corner but happening in every corner of the world. 

Revolution Made Easy Chapter 4 Reasons For Revolution Part 2

Chapter 4 Reasons For Revolution Part 2

          Where are we going as a people? What is the point of living? If your mindset is materialistic, that you are living for possessions or accumulating large sums of money than your thinking is part of the problem. The ecological wealth of the Earth is our greatest asset. The Earth collectively doesn’t belong to us; no man can claim the Earth as its own rather the bounty of the Earth belongs to all of mankind. It was meant to be shared for all of our benefit.  Yet today we see a few destroying to Earth for the sake of money.
          Money is a fictional concept, whether it is a coin or a dollar bill. The piece of paper has no intrinsic value, meaning that it is totally useless. Rather it is worth something only because society has dictated that it is worth something. If the power behind the money ever lost its position or place, all currency would be simply colored pieces of paper, even more so today when the U.S. dollar is a fiat currency. It used to be that the paper currency was backed up by gold. That is for every dollar one possessed that they could exchange it for a predetermined amount of gold. But that is no longer the case.
          In fact the system is going away from cash totally in favor to digits upon a computer. That is why stores are giving coupons exclusively for use over electronic phones and other devices. They want to train people in using electronics and get them away from cash. If all of money was reduced to electronics it would be a simple matter to control the personal economy of individuals. If somebody did something that the government or the banks didn’t like they would simply delete their account robbing them of all of their assets.
          So what does this have to do with ecology?  We are destroying what is valuable for what is total rubbish. Money is not supreme. Rather at best it is a convenience or at worst it is a demon to which people sell their souls for. There is a Native American proverb which states, When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money. We are on a road to destruction, slowly killing ourselves, all for the almighty dollar.
          Revolutionaries are dreamers and we can see beyond what exists today. So much of nature is needlessly being destroyed for pure greed. Plastic bottles are dumped in the ocean rather than being recycled. GMO’s are being used despite the potential traumatic dangers they pose to mankind. The rivers, skies and oceans are used for dumping grounds for pollution. Animals are exploited and are penned up as opposed to having a natural life. We are using nature as a tool to exploit instead of looking at the Earth as a partner in life.
          Look at architecture and view the majestic buildings of yesterday. Despite advances in all forms of technology we no longer build elegant buildings of the past. The reason is that the bottom line dominates every single motive. The architect is not rewarded for coming up with a beautiful design but rather for something economically efficient. Despite having masses of unemployed that could benefit from intricate construction projects things are kept to a minimum budget.  So we get box after box.
          If the engineers had their way they would pave the whole world with black top as it would solve all of their problems. In New Jersey we have the Garden State Parkway which is a road of about one hundred and seventy two miles. On either side of the Parkway are woods. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to plant peach trees and apple trees along with some raspberry bushes along that road? Then if you were traveling and got hungry all you would have to do would be to pull over on the shoulder and help yourself. The Native Americans of what is called North America had communal gardens such as this.
          But the government of the United States is not concerned with the welfare of the people. It is not even a priority on their list. They only listen to us when we make some noise and threaten them with revolution. Henry Kissinger, one of the most evil of persons who ever lived, once said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” That is the kind of world that we are living in. Those who are wealthy beyond our wildest imagination are like fat pigs lusting for more slop of mammon. In the process they are destroying our world. What will be left for our grandchildren if we do not stop them now?

          We are on a road to nowhere. That road is polluting and destroying the nature of this planet.  Global warming, nuclear radiation, fossil fuels, and other ecological factors are all contributing to Mother Earth’s demise. The pipelines are leaking; the reactors are poisoning us, the tar sands destroying massive amounts of pristine nature. Pick your poison big business is sacrificing nature on the altar of commerce. Will you rise up to defend her? 

Revolution Made Easy Chapter 3 Reasons For Revolution Part 1

Chapter 3 Reasons For Revolution Part 1

          If I need to explain to you the needs for revolution you really need to do some soul searching and have a reality checking. When in America we turn on the nightly news and see premature violent death happening in society every single day, well then that is screaming that something is wrong. If you can understand that masses of people are living in poverty and you don’t see that as a problem than please check your heart. But I will state the obvious and make a case for the necessity of revolution. I will break the argument down into three areas, social, ecological and economic.
          When war is the normal course for solving international problems we must address this evil. Today the United States is functioning as the lone world superpower. In the past decade the United States and its allies have violated the sovereign integrity of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Ukraine, Syria, and Pakistan. Whether the transgression is drone strikes or outright invasion they are all unlawful under international law. The atrocities of war include massive civilian deaths, destruction of the environment, refugees and in the end they never solve the problem. Wars always lead to a future law. World War 1 set up the conditions for World War 2 which precipitated the Cold War which in turn led to this current effort of the United States for total hegemony. We need to break the cycle before it breaks us. If I need to persuade you of the reality of the horrors of war I suggest that you talk to either a veteran or a survivor of a war torn country.
          During the course of history with the advancement of technology the weapons of destruction have become all the more deadly. Today on the battlefield a soldier may never even see the face of the enemy; rather they may just be a blip on a screen or a computer. Warriors’ minds are initially psychologically damaged as their psyches are warped to enable them to kill. Combing all the factors together when a human being is made into a killing machine something psychologically is damaged. We live in a world where so many returning from war suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. These veterans cannot assimilate back into our ‘normal’ society. As a result it is reported that twenty two veterans commit suicide a day. If you really ‘support the troops’ you would end the wars. War profits only the rich and in the long run helps nobody.
          Another reality of war we must come to terms with is that mankind has the potential to end all human life on planet Earth. Both nuclear weapons and biological weapons have the capability to do so. Even if all life isn’t threatened a massive World War 3, which is indeed looming, hundreds of millions could be killed, if not billions. At a minimum life as normal in all parts of the world will be gone. Without trading partners and computer ability the economies of nations will be destroyed.  Broad oceans will not protect the United States from a cyber attack destroying its banking systems.
          One would think that with so much against war that armed conflicts would come to a cease. The problem is that bankers and weapons makers make fortunes in wars. Bankers, the scum of the Earth that they are, loan money to both sides with promises that they get fully paid off no matter what the outcome. Weapons makers of course make fortunes keeping the armaments coming, feeding the insane frenzy of killing. Of course you won’t see a banker’s son or a weapon’s maker’s child in the army. No like cowards they are hiding safe away. So these men somewhat behind the scenes promote wars for financial gain with taking no risks for them or their loved ones.  
          At this very moment the United States is considering an attack on North Korea on the pretense that they are developing an intercontinental ballistic missile. In the sixty years since the Korean War has ended North Korea has no hostilities of worth compared to the amount the United States has. Anybody failing to see the aggressive nature of the United States should count the number of wars, covert and overt that they have involved with, along with regime changes caused by the C.I.A. It is a laughable joke that the United States is upset with Russia’s alleged involvement with our elections when we have overthrown leaders on a whim. As far as North Korea nothing but diplomacy should be considered. What will the killing of tens or hundreds of thousands accomplish?
          There is one war worth fighting though and that is a war on war. The pacifistic position can never be defeated. If we all refused to kill or even join the army, wars would end. We are the people, it is our children that they want to sacrifice, let’s put an end to war. I have no problem with the people of other nations; they have done me no wrong. Why should I bomb their houses in fiery rubble and bring death and destruction?
          I was told once that a country’s domestic policy is the same as it’s international. In the United State’s we are faced with a social divide based upon both race and economics. Simply put people of darker skin face systematic racism. This is proven through many facts. People of color tend to get longer prison sentences and are more likely to receive the death penalty. People of color are more likely to get killed by the police. People of color are less likely to get a loan from the bank. People of color are less likely to get a promotion. It is with thoughts like this that movements like Black Lives Matter were generated. It is not that other lives don’t matter but rather the existing conditions are prejudiced against people of color and therefore attention must be brought to rectify the matter.
          The prison system in the United States is filled with young men of color. The number of young ‘black’ men that are in jail almost equals those that are in college. Prisons for profits prolong sentences and the times of sentences served. Their motivation to do so is that a longer an inmate stays in a jail the more money that they make. This philosophy is contrary to a humane one of reformation. Furthermore many people who are mentally ill are kept in prisons when they should be treated in psychiatric hospitals.
          According to the thirteenth amendment of the constitution, slavery is legal in the United States. Workers are paid a minuscule amount of money in an industry which generates up to two billion dollars a year annually. Prisoners are not paid minimum wage.  Finally the prisons are full of political prisoners.

          As a human being I cannot accept anything less than good and equal treatment to all people regardless of skin color or other factors. As long as social injustice exists there will be antagonism in our society. A true revolutionary should be concerned about the welfare of everybody. If one of us suffers all of us suffer.  

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Revolution Made Easy Chapter 2 Revolution Versus Reform

Chapter 2 Revolution Versus Reform

          What exactly does one mean by revolution? Revolution is a permanent change in the system for the better. This must be contrasted with reform. Reform is a change inside of the system. I will illustrate.
          After the Civil War all the African slaves had been freed. This was a revolutionary jump that affected everybody in society. The African slave was no longer another man’s property. Reform is changing the system, for example when F.D.R. instituted a lot of social programs to help people, that was reform. While things got better the system itself stayed intact, albeit much different.
          Axiom #1- Those who control power will never relinquish power or wealth unless they feel some extraordinary pressure to do so.
          When F.D.R. was president the vibes of sedition permeated the air. There were a lot of poor, angry people, listening to radical theories of communism and the worker owning everything. As a result the ruling class felt threatened. They felt threatened both physically for their lives and materially for their power, place and possessions. Thus all the reforms that F.D.R. instituted were not done out of kindness. Rather they came about because people were mad as hell and were ready to kill for their survival. Think of it in this way. The discontentment of the people turned up a fire on the stove. The tea pot could have held out until it exploded and lost everything. Instead the lid was lifted and steam let out.
          Unfortunately settling on reform over revolution only puts off the problem for future generations. In the eighty years that have transpired we have seen the “New Deal” being slowly and systematically dismantled. Now we are at the point where Medicaid and Medicare might be done away with. We need to once more pressure the powers that be to change for the better, this time with a permanent solution.
          Let us examine Bernie Sanders. On a lot of issues he is very progressive, especially domestic. Single payer health care would be a great move in the right direction of benefiting the masses. However unless we ensure that such a change is permanent any victory celebration would be premature. Nothing less than a constitutional amendment guaranteeing all citizens health care would do, if you settle for less your children will suffer.

          What would revolution be like in the United States of America? Nothing less than the end of capitalism would do. It is capitalism that drives the endless wars and divides the people.

Revolution Made Easy Chapter 1 My Resume

Chapter 1 My Resume

          The question is “What qualifies you to write a book about revolution?”
 I could present some tangible qualities to impress upon the mind. I am a graduate of Montclair State University with a degree in math. I attended Steven’s Institute of Technology and worked closely with the vice president of development. In that capacity I sat at dinner tables with the rich hearing their arrogant stories of misery. As a student there I learned the mind set of those who build weapons to destroy and exactly how an engineer himself is designed.
          I have hitchhiked across the country and I know firsthand the kindness of West Virginia and the cruelty of Texas. I have been in psychiatric hospitals, from some of the finest, to being committed into a state institution. I have worked seven years in the engineering firm to observe the stupidity and greed of business. I have worked three years as a customer service agent observing the blatant racism the job permeated. I stocked shelves for two years working with people being paid starvation wages.
          I have been a peace activist protesting the endless wars every Friday for around eight years. I am a writer and my poetry is very critical of the system and unabashedly tells it like it is. I am a minister and I have worked as a volunteer in the inner city of Newark for over eight years. I am therefore a Christian firmly convicted to the Word of God, never understating the need for both Love and action.
          Finally perhaps most important I am a human being just like you. I am a firm believer in a grass roots movement or the empowerment of the people. That is that the masses must dictate to the governors and not the other way around. I have a strong conviction for making this world a better place because of my presence in it. This work of which I am endeavoring to partake in will be part of both my testimony and my legacy. Together we can make the world a better place as it has been done numerous times before.
          A last note is that I have learned as the Bible says “to be swift to listen and to be slow to speak.” With that in mind I think that I will be posting this book chapter by chapter on my blog to observe comments. A firm believer in synergy together let’s make this book something both inspiring and practical. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Always Dreaming

Always Dreaming

By John Kaniecki

Win, place, or show
You never know
Who will be in the money
At the Kentucky Derby
Horse racing’s biggest stage
Mesmerizing rage
The crowd is screaming
Here comes
Always Dreaming
Out of the gate
He could scarcely wait
On the muddy track
Behind Classic Empire
Always Dreaming on fire
Never looking back
State Of Honor faded away
Always Dreaming won the day!
Nine to two was the pay
The lesson of the Kentucky Derby story
Is one of endless glory
And of course
Never underestimate a one eyed horse
Let’s see if he got what it takes
To win the Preakness Stakes
Always Dreaming might just be bound
To win the coveted triple crown

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Washed Up Poem By Lynn White

Washed Up

By Lynn White

So many dead people
caught in the crossfire
created by the the money men,
the arms traders,
the super ego-ed politicians.
They lie dead where they fell.
Flesh and blood transformed to
fertilizer to nurture the seeds
and grow the crops, in a future
they will not see.
Their bones decaying to dust
to form the building blocks
of homes they will never inhabit.
Dying where they fell,
over there, not here
and not looking like us.
Unseen or soon forgotten
by us here.

But the dead washed up
on holiday beaches
look like our flesh and blood.
They’re wearing our clothes.
They’re washing up to haunt us
in the Old World.
Then there’s the living,
washed up alive
and by any means necessary
moving on to bear witness,
if any one is listening.
To bring the horror home
to those who created it
in the Old World.
Bringing it home to the Old World,
but not as yet to the New.

A poet featured in Peace Poems. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Soldier

The Soldier

By Rosalie Calabrese

Sent to fight
In the land
His parents left
Before he was born,
He faces the enemy
And sees himself.

Prepared to shoot,
He cries out,
“My brother,”
But his words
Do not travel 

As fast as a bullet.

A poem from Peace Poems.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

We took Christ off the Cross By Wilma Kenny

We took Christ off the Cross

By Wilma Kenny

Where we had let Him hang
A barbed crown pressing
Ever down
Ever down
Ever down

Tenderly you and I
Laid Him down
Laid Him down
Laid Him down

Cleaned His wounds red flaming
Raw with dirty rags found at the
Side of our thoughts and deeds
Still He bleeds
Still He bleeds
Still He bleeds

I tried to heal the holes in His feet with goodness
To fill the gaping hole in His side with prayer
to kiss away the holes in His hands with Love
Still He bleeds
Still He bleeds
Still He bleeds

Next you tenderly removed the crown
embedded deep into His brow. You said it
would ease the pain you held inside you
Still we bleed
Still we bleed
Still we bleed

We threw ourselves onto
His body broken by man’s
Rage.You said there is
No way out
No way out
No way out

I felt a hand on my shoulder a
Light touch, a faint breath of
warmth encircling our loneliness
I love you
I love you
I love you

Christ said.
We heard these words
turned and saw Him
scarred but standing
Take my hand
Take my hand                                                                        
Take my hand

Slowly we touched the holes
Placed our Hands in His
Placed our lives with Him.
It was us who needed Life
Who needed Him to wipe
Away our bleeding tears.

He is risen
He is risen
He is risen

Wilma is a Christian from Belfast N.I. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Poetry Book Opportunity To Be Published

Do you want your very own poetry book published?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is John Kaniecki. My poetry has been published now in over eighty outlets and I have written four poetry books. I have also just finished editing my first poetry book. (I will post the links to my books at the end of this short article.)

Of the four poetry books three were published by small publishing companies and one was self published. (When I say self published I don’t mean through some company but through my own efforts.)

The reality of poetry is that it is very difficult to sell. Most of the poetry books that I have sold were either to people I knew or to friends of friends. However I do have success in selling my books on Facebook. The method I use is that when a friend on Facebook has a birthday I offer to write them a free poem. As such I hope that they will purchase my work. This had brought moderate success.

In all honesty self publishing is a waste of money. You get a little for a lot of money. While it is beyond my scope to make a total statement I would safely say that most self publishing companies are a rip off. They do very little for you and take in a whole lot. This is especially true in poetry where editing isn’t as much of a necessity as in writing prose.

Small publishers vary in the amount of effort they put into supporting your books. A legitimate small publisher will provide all of your services for free. They will provide cover art, get you an ISBN number, format your book, and get it for sale on their website. The small publishers get paid a commission on sales. Also when you the author order books for your personal sales they make a small amount on each book.

A big publisher won’t touch a poetry book unless you are famous or somehow you could generate thousands of sales.

I write poetry for the love of it. I am a Christian serving as a volunteer missionary for almost nine years now in the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey. I don’t believe in money and I feel that capitalism is a system of exploitation.

So here I am kicking around ideas in my head on how to survive. I am a full time caregiver for my wife and I can’t work a regular job. Thus I have invested a lot of time in my writing; in addition to poetry I writer prose and song lyrics. I haven’t had enough success to take care of my finances so I am looking into other matters.

I am contemplating a business where I will publish poetry books for other people. I will charge a nominal fee for my efforts and you will get the complete package. That is a cover, a back cover, an ISBN number, a formatted book and I will also get you available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and the other conventional online sellers. You will keep one hundred percent of your royalties.

Presently I am in the baby birth portion of this endeavor with this being my first announcement. I want to work out the kinks in the system. So if you want me to do the process of publishing your poetry book for you I will at this point do all the services for a fee of $225.
 However you must live in the vicinity of Newark, New Jersey or at least be willing to travel close to me.

For a very limited time if you purchase my four poetry books, my memoirs, my science fiction book and two horror books, (all in hard cover where available) and write reviews on Amazon I will publish your poetry book. That would amount to less than eighty dollars. 

Please contact me first in this regard. I will only work with manuscripts that I believe in. There are two reasons I am doing this. The first is the publicity. I firmly believe that I can deliver to you a quality product and a happy customer would be the best advertiser. The second is that I am testing interest of the general public.

Under these conditions I cannot deliver a hand made cover and I would have to rely on templates created from photographs.

Once again please contact me first for this limited offer. 

If you have a great book of poetry that fits my philosophy of life and writing that would certainly help the matter. 

Please contact me at-

If you want further services such as improving the poetry that you have written I can assist you in that matter as well.

Here are some links.  

A Poet’s Words

By John Kaniecki

If I was a sage
I’d say something wise
If I was the devil
I’d whisper sweet little lies
If I was a prophet
I’d tell of things to be
If I was your master
I’d set you free
If I was a singer
I would sing you a song
If I was a judge
I’d forgive you of your wrong
But I am just a poet
Simple and plain
So I won’t say anything

Because words are vain