Thursday, May 11, 2017

Always Dreaming

Always Dreaming

By John Kaniecki

Win, place, or show
You never know
Who will be in the money
At the Kentucky Derby
Horse racing’s biggest stage
Mesmerizing rage
The crowd is screaming
Here comes
Always Dreaming
Out of the gate
He could scarcely wait
On the muddy track
Behind Classic Empire
Always Dreaming on fire
Never looking back
State Of Honor faded away
Always Dreaming won the day!
Nine to two was the pay
The lesson of the Kentucky Derby story
Is one of endless glory
And of course
Never underestimate a one eyed horse
Let’s see if he got what it takes
To win the Preakness Stakes
Always Dreaming might just be bound
To win the coveted triple crown

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Washed Up Poem By Lynn White

Washed Up

By Lynn White

So many dead people
caught in the crossfire
created by the the money men,
the arms traders,
the super ego-ed politicians.
They lie dead where they fell.
Flesh and blood transformed to
fertilizer to nurture the seeds
and grow the crops, in a future
they will not see.
Their bones decaying to dust
to form the building blocks
of homes they will never inhabit.
Dying where they fell,
over there, not here
and not looking like us.
Unseen or soon forgotten
by us here.

But the dead washed up
on holiday beaches
look like our flesh and blood.
They’re wearing our clothes.
They’re washing up to haunt us
in the Old World.
Then there’s the living,
washed up alive
and by any means necessary
moving on to bear witness,
if any one is listening.
To bring the horror home
to those who created it
in the Old World.
Bringing it home to the Old World,
but not as yet to the New.

A poet featured in Peace Poems. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Soldier

The Soldier

By Rosalie Calabrese

Sent to fight
In the land
His parents left
Before he was born,
He faces the enemy
And sees himself.

Prepared to shoot,
He cries out,
“My brother,”
But his words
Do not travel 

As fast as a bullet.

A poem from Peace Poems.