Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Evils of Capitalism

    Let's take a look at the Master. He left all to complete his mission to go to the cross. His twelve disciples did likewise. As per tradition eleven of the twelve were martyred with John being exiled on the Island of Patmos. The early church did indeed flourish in the Roman system but it flourished under severe oppression. So much as far as I am concerned it will prosper under any economic system. Jesus said "If you wish to be perfect sell all you have, give it to the poor and come follow me." Some like Paul did do that. Again in the early church Barnabas took all he had and gave it to the disciples. You are right that is a free will offering. It furthermore said they all had in common. God says greater Love a man does not have then to lay down his life for his brother. Christians should be bound in this Love. We should be willing to sacrifice all we have for our brothers and sisters even our lives. You are right that this system would not encourage laziness. For it also says is one doesn't work one doesn't eat. However based on circumstances in the world it is quite possible that many will not have work, including you, very soon. What I see Jesus saying is to abandon this Earthly dwelling place for a heavenly one. The Master said "My kingdom is not of this world." Again "Store you treasures in heaven for where your treasures lie so does your heart."
          As far as capitalism when taken to the extreme, it is a godless uncaring society. Capitalists claim to believe in Laissez Faire which says the government should not interfere in the market. They claim that this is a free market. That is an outright lie. Freedom is not allowing whatever somebody to do what they want. In America we like to believe we are free yet we cannot steal or murder. So it is not free markets they want but markets of license. That is they can do whatever they want. There should be no government oversight at all. No food inspection, no safety inspections, and so forth. However the hypocrisy was shown when the saving and loans needed bailing out. All of a sudden all of the followers of Milton Friedman were crying out too big to fail. And despite 95% opposition of the public the government bailed out Wall Street. It is a crisis when rich people are going to lose their money but we sit idly buy when poor people remain poor. Laissez Faire also says that the "invisible hand" will guide the market by supply and demand. Once again the theory fails. It is futures sales people that dictate prices.
          Furthermore there is the theory of Social Darwinism. That is superior people will succeed financially. That goes back to the Puritan's health and wealth gospel. If one examines the development in American society you will see the tremendous abuse of power on behalf of the wealthy capitalists both domestically and internationally. You see the capitalistic system is all about making money and puts the welfare of human beings far down the scale. When I mentioned 40 million people on food stamps you brought up the word parasites. I would not call children, elderly and veterans parasites. Or those who cannot find a job. If anything you should be outraged at how businesses go without paying taxes or receive huge subsidies. Or the immense amount of money spent on warfare and aggressive warfare at that. You should be outraged that in the financially richest country in the world not every citizen has health care or is guaranteed a safe and adequate education. From the genocide to the Native Americans, to the chattel slavery of the African Americans to the abuse of immigrant labor this country has been built on the backs of the less fortunate for the privilege of the few. And when people who represent the common man rise up they are quickly killed by reactionary forces. Martin Luther King, Joe Hill, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and many, many others.
          Perhaps my vision will never come to fruition. However your vision is already in place and it is terrible. And the things I cherish in this country, the Bill of Rights, you desecrate. "If you want a Marxist country go to some place that it exists" it is said. So much for your free speech because there are others who have enforced those beliefs with guns or illegal methods. What do you think McCarthy or the Palmer Raids were about? The things they did were highly illegal but in the name of the system they were overlooked. But let's bring it back to the Master once more. Let's look at his apostles who were very eager to remember the poor. Let us look to Paul who worked with his own hands so he could share with others. A man who became all things to all men including the poor. Please read Hebrews 11 especially the end chapter. This society is going down the drain. Yes abortion and homosexual marriage plays a large part. But the callous Love of money is the dominating force of evil. Jesus says you cannot serve two masters for you will Love one and hate the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Why did Jesus choose mammon as his chief competition? Once again Love of mammon is capitalism at it's extreme and it is what we are experiencing now. What would Jesus do in a society like our today? Sadly he would find little he would praise.

Signing off for now,

John FeatherLeaf Kaniecki 

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