Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Myth of Nations

"Let God be true and every man a liar." Romans 3:4

There is something that exists out there that I call "The Myth of Nations".  I will begin to explain this with a postulate beyond my ability to prove scientifically. However I am quite certain that it is true. "Every nation lies about itself to it's own population to enhance itself in the eyes of it's citizens." I cannot prove this because it would involve researching every nation and having accurate knowledge of it's real history and it's taught history. When I began reading the works of the Jewish historian Josephus I was well acquainted with the history of Israel. Israel's history is well documented in the Old Testament. As a Bible student I knew the stories. However it wasn't long into my reading that I noticed a deviation from Josephus and the Old Testament. It had to do with Hagar and Ishmael. I believe Josephus claimed that God prompted Sarah to expel the young Ishmael. This is not according to scripture. Genesis 21 tells how God talks to Abraham to allow the expulsion to happen. But the point is that Josephus' enhanced the characters who created the foundation of Israel. This I contend was done in a deceitful and fabricated manner.

This I know for certain happens in the United States. Let's start with 1492. Children are taught that was the year Columbus discovered America. How can you discover something that is already inhabited by over a hundred million people? Now look real hard at the significance. If America was indeed some virgin wilderness there is no need to question the European expansion into the territory. However if it was a land occupied by sophisticated people with advanced societies a question arises. What happened to the indigenous people of America? But when we 'pale wash' history and twist reality things flow more naturally to enhance the powers that be. They boast and brag about themselves through lies, myths, distortions, perversions, and crucial omissions.

Comprehending the Myth of Nations of course complicates current events. Let's look at the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Right away we have a lie or myth in the name Israel. The people inhabiting Palestine that was once Israel have nothing to do with ancient Israel. They cannot trace their blood back for one thing. Secondly the Talmud has perverted the Torah into something that God had never intended. So when these people contend their birthright or their 'promised land' it is really based on a lie. However to understand any situation we must know all the data. We must know the lies taught the Israeli people, we must know the lies taught the Palestinian people and we must know the truth. Once more although it is beyond the ability of me to prove I will make this postulation. If you asked a Palestinian teenager and an 'Israeli' teenager to tell the history of their lands, you would not think they were talking about the same geographical area.

I just want to orientate you to this idea of "Myth of Nations". It is crucial to understanding how decisions are made. It is even more crucial in understanding how policies fail. But let me state this ugly truth. "Satan is the father of lies". Thus if all the nations of the world lie then they are Satanic in nature.

Finally I have never investigate very much into indigenous peoples' history. That is for the most part what I know about the original inhabitants of these stolen lands came from the work of the conquering cultures. Albeit in some cases being very sympathetic in attitude. It is said that history is written by the victors. But there is a Truth. If ever there is to be healing and reconciliation on this Earth the Truth must be made known. All the dirty little secrets shall be revealed. The Myth of Nations shall vanish list a fog before the glory of the rising sun.

Signing off for now,

John "FeatherLeaf" Kaniecki 

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