Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why White People Don't Exist

Here is why pale folk are not white folk. Pale folk like to disassociate themselves from other groups. They call themselves 'white' and others 'colored' separating the groups. What color is a cloud? It is white. What color is cotton? It is white. What color is a pale person? It is not the same color as cotton or a cloud. Now in cowboy movies what color hat does the good guy wear? He wears the white hat. The bad guy wears the black hat. Once again in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker the good guy wears white while Darth Vadar the bad guy wears black. If pale people are separate from colored people then they can be superior. Go back to the Bible we all come from Adam and Eve. Adam was darker as he came from the soil and soil is dark. Eve was pale as she came from Adam's rib and a bone is light in color. Calling pale people white just buys into the racism inherent to this system. There have been plenty of evil people of all skin colors and good people of all skin colors. There is no superiority based on skin color. Now if you want to talk about superiority based on culture that is another matter. Here the indigenous people have proven their system is vastly superior then the domineering European system. Yet you have pale people living Native life styles and you have Natives living European life styles. All said and done we need to Love one another and rectify the theft of the world through imperialism and colonialism. 

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