Thursday, December 17, 2015


When I hitchhiked across the United States in 1987 one of the many interesting places that I ran into was California. Los Angeles and San Francisco stand out in my mind. Actually those were the only two locations I actually visited. I had what was called an Ameripass from the Greyhound Bus Company. I only hitch hiked where it was legal. I didn't want to wind up in jail in some wretched place far from family and friends. The Ameripass allowed one to ride the Greyhound all you wanted for a period of one month. Many a night in my journey I slept traveling the highways of these stolen lands. It was on the Greyhound that I rode up U.S. Highway 1 on the left coast of the United States. In my opinion some of the most beautiful scenery of this land. Especially if the ocean thrills you. So in Cali I was cautious and stayed on the bus not wanting to hitch hike the long trek.

The City of Angels was of course purchased with the blood of the peaceful indigenous peoples who lived there. Thus it bears the Spanish name. I once read the history of how the Spaniard enslaved the Native population. Cruel as their English kindred in the East and in every way just as evil. City of Devils would be more appropriate title based on the oppressive action of the invaders. So like many things in America the name is an outright lie. Just like Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, has the infamous distinction of dropping two bombs upon the Move home.  You can take the Bible and come in Jesus name, if you don't have Love you are nothing. I Corinthians, chapter 13 for book, chapter and verse for that one. So am I calling all these slave owners Satanic? You got it. But some will whine in defense that slaves are to be obedient to their masters. That is true. But put it into the context of the Word of God. The command to 'Love Thy Neighbor' supersedes all commands being the second greatest. So brutal chattel slavery is an offense to Almighty God. And without doubt anybody, regardless of what they claim, who practices such atrocities are not acting in Love. If you think you can own slaves, beat them, rape them and sell them on the auction block and be pleasing to God, then we serve different gods. It's as simple as that.

L.A. was a memorable place. I recall being by the food truck counting my money. I didn't have a whole lot. The man in front of me was placing an order. It came out to be five dollars and some pennies. He didn't have the exact amount so I offered him the change needed. That man was so delighted with my overture that he told the cook to give me whatever I wanted and that he would pay for it. I got a cheeseburger and fries. They tasted good and more importantly filled my empty belly.

I was hitch hiking in San Francisco when an Asian man pulled his car over. He promptly identified himself as a Buddhist. Then he informed me that he was seeking knowledge and that he wanted to experience homosexuality. He wanted to know if I'd like to go to a hotel room with him to have sex. Generously he offered to pay for the bill. He had a wife at home and didn't want her to know about his religious enlightenment. I promptly said "no" and quickly found myself to the trolley. I didn't pay the fare. The whole system to me was confusing being accustomed to the mass transit system of New York City. Better believe it that in Babylon Central they make you pay upfront before you get on the train or bus.  The open air car of the trolley eventually wound up passing by the bus station where I exited. From there it was a simple matter to get on the Greyhound bus and it's refuge.

So what does this have to do about home? It was written by the ocean on the wall in San Francisco. It was spray painted sloppily in white letters. "HOME IS WHERE I WANT TO BE". I pray that tonight that you are in your home. Many people live and never have a home. So many homes are stolen away by greedy men. So many homes are destroyed by the hostility of war. Millions of houses so few homes.

What is my home like? Home is a place of peace. Home is definitely a place full of Love. I am reminded of how Paul and Silas sung hymns to God while in jail. If you know Jesus, the real Jesus, he can lead you to a home. Any place can be made pleasant. I recall many good laughs in psychiatric hospitals. True seekers are after all only strangers and pilgrims in this world. 1 Peter 2:11. So then should we give up the struggle for righteousness for some pie in the sky halleluiah home to come. No! Quite contrary we should fight with every fiber of our being to make this Earth as much like Home, our Home as we can. We owe that to ourselves, to our God and to those who live on this Earth. 

I hope you find "Turn A Page or Two" to be a home away from home. Please feel free to add comments. Just be respectful and more importantly truthful.

Signing off for now,

John "FeatherLeaf" Kaniecki

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  1. Well, that was a wonderful work from the "Wordsmith".I Thank God for the "Home" beyond the sky!!