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Revolution Made Easy Chapter 5 Reasons For Revolution Part 3

Chapter 5 Reasons For Revolution Part 3

          What is more important money in the bank or peace of mind? I don’t own an expensive car. My car has a big gash on the side and is far from a luxury model. Thus when I leave it outside or drive into a high crime neighborhood I don’t worry about it getting stolen. If I drove a high price car I might have a more comfortable ride but I’d lose my peace of mind. You see in life we have choices and those choices affect what kind of life we have. For example I had a choice of studying to further my engineering career or studying to further my ministerial career. I chose the latter because helping people to me was more important to me than making money.
          The United States is a capitalistic nation to a point. More accurately we have a financial oligarchy that borders on fascism. Whatever the case most Americans love money. If you have enough money in America you can purchase anything whether it is illegal or illegal. I object to the massive accumulation of wealth in the hand of a few individuals. When the top three richest persons have an equal wealth of the bottom ten percent of the Earth’s population there is a problem. I wouldn’t mind people having luxuries; it is when they are attained at the impoverishment of the masses that I have a serious problem.
          How can anybody justify this disparity in wealth? Clearly those three people didn’t out produce over nearly a billion people. Of course that argument can be made that those three people were more clever or brilliant. The word that one needs in such a description is very clear, that word is ‘evil’. If you possess so much wealth and have no compassion on your fellow human being than you are indeed a miserable miser.
          Of course wealth is a relative thing when it comes to material possessions. The poor of America would be considered rich in some third world nations. In fact people who manage to eat three meals a day would be considered well off in a lot of places. There is poverty in this world where babies starve to death. Think of that reality when the government tells you that it needs more money for sophisticated jet fighters or updating nuclear weapons. Innocent babies are starving as you direct your attentions towards dealing death and destruction towards innocents.
          The present economic situation in the United States is one of fear rather than security. In this society one needs to have some way of producing income. Nothing is owned by the people rather the government owns everything. You cannot own houses or property without paying rent to the government, because they chose to use the word taxes, does not change the reality of the situation. Furthermore to survive you cannot live off of the land which forces one to work a job that produces income. God forbid that you suffer from an illness or you need special care. People have been left to die from severe medical conditions as medical insurance companies would rather save money than save a life.
          One must understand that the imbalance of wealth in this world is through fraudulent and corrupt practices. France once dominated North Africa with its military and to this day demands tribute for those poor nations that were France’s former colonies. So France lives in luxury while Africa is robbed of its wealth. It is like the bully demanding the lunch money from the scrawny kids.
          The United States exists on one hundred percent stolen land. Furthermore it was built upon stolen labor. Now some in the United States justify their heinous crimes by saying that was a long time ago. Well allow me to say this. If you had a distant relative who had money in the bank and you were the heir would you want your money back? Not only would you demand to have your money but you would insist on having every penny of interest paid as well. Well in like manner the slaves from those stolen from Africa have invested in the system with blood, sweat and tears. The fact that they were appeased with starvation wages and sporadic free educations in the oppressor’s schools does not change the matter. Even the forfeited forty acres and a mule never paid would have been just. If one was to pay back perhaps a payment would be the territories of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. But the whole argument is pointless as truly the Native Americans have never ceded these lands. Any agreements that exist were either signed by falsehood or by duress.
          This economic disparity fosters crime of all sorts. It also prompts fools to covet money so they can purchase the latest style or electronic innovation which gives there miserable life some mockery of meaning. When society focuses on the material the spiritual is lost. The United States is a giant goliath who has lost its soul in a mad frenzy for material gain. It systematically crushes other nations and tortures its citizens all so that at the end of the day the tally sheets of the financers increase all in pointless vanity to satisfy insatiable egos of wickedness.  The situation is where a giant pulls others down to elevate itself over the others when it should be uplifting all.

          It is a sad thing but revolution is not only around the corner but happening in every corner of the world. 

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  1. Texas was not included for wiping out the native American tribes in this territory. Also, Stephen F.Austin practiced ethnic cleansing and genocide too.