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Revolution Made Easy Chapter 3 Reasons For Revolution Part 1

Chapter 3 Reasons For Revolution Part 1

          If I need to explain to you the needs for revolution you really need to do some soul searching and have a reality checking. When in America we turn on the nightly news and see premature violent death happening in society every single day, well then that is screaming that something is wrong. If you can understand that masses of people are living in poverty and you don’t see that as a problem than please check your heart. But I will state the obvious and make a case for the necessity of revolution. I will break the argument down into three areas, social, ecological and economic.
          When war is the normal course for solving international problems we must address this evil. Today the United States is functioning as the lone world superpower. In the past decade the United States and its allies have violated the sovereign integrity of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Ukraine, Syria, and Pakistan. Whether the transgression is drone strikes or outright invasion they are all unlawful under international law. The atrocities of war include massive civilian deaths, destruction of the environment, refugees and in the end they never solve the problem. Wars always lead to a future law. World War 1 set up the conditions for World War 2 which precipitated the Cold War which in turn led to this current effort of the United States for total hegemony. We need to break the cycle before it breaks us. If I need to persuade you of the reality of the horrors of war I suggest that you talk to either a veteran or a survivor of a war torn country.
          During the course of history with the advancement of technology the weapons of destruction have become all the more deadly. Today on the battlefield a soldier may never even see the face of the enemy; rather they may just be a blip on a screen or a computer. Warriors’ minds are initially psychologically damaged as their psyches are warped to enable them to kill. Combing all the factors together when a human being is made into a killing machine something psychologically is damaged. We live in a world where so many returning from war suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. These veterans cannot assimilate back into our ‘normal’ society. As a result it is reported that twenty two veterans commit suicide a day. If you really ‘support the troops’ you would end the wars. War profits only the rich and in the long run helps nobody.
          Another reality of war we must come to terms with is that mankind has the potential to end all human life on planet Earth. Both nuclear weapons and biological weapons have the capability to do so. Even if all life isn’t threatened a massive World War 3, which is indeed looming, hundreds of millions could be killed, if not billions. At a minimum life as normal in all parts of the world will be gone. Without trading partners and computer ability the economies of nations will be destroyed.  Broad oceans will not protect the United States from a cyber attack destroying its banking systems.
          One would think that with so much against war that armed conflicts would come to a cease. The problem is that bankers and weapons makers make fortunes in wars. Bankers, the scum of the Earth that they are, loan money to both sides with promises that they get fully paid off no matter what the outcome. Weapons makers of course make fortunes keeping the armaments coming, feeding the insane frenzy of killing. Of course you won’t see a banker’s son or a weapon’s maker’s child in the army. No like cowards they are hiding safe away. So these men somewhat behind the scenes promote wars for financial gain with taking no risks for them or their loved ones.  
          At this very moment the United States is considering an attack on North Korea on the pretense that they are developing an intercontinental ballistic missile. In the sixty years since the Korean War has ended North Korea has no hostilities of worth compared to the amount the United States has. Anybody failing to see the aggressive nature of the United States should count the number of wars, covert and overt that they have involved with, along with regime changes caused by the C.I.A. It is a laughable joke that the United States is upset with Russia’s alleged involvement with our elections when we have overthrown leaders on a whim. As far as North Korea nothing but diplomacy should be considered. What will the killing of tens or hundreds of thousands accomplish?
          There is one war worth fighting though and that is a war on war. The pacifistic position can never be defeated. If we all refused to kill or even join the army, wars would end. We are the people, it is our children that they want to sacrifice, let’s put an end to war. I have no problem with the people of other nations; they have done me no wrong. Why should I bomb their houses in fiery rubble and bring death and destruction?
          I was told once that a country’s domestic policy is the same as it’s international. In the United State’s we are faced with a social divide based upon both race and economics. Simply put people of darker skin face systematic racism. This is proven through many facts. People of color tend to get longer prison sentences and are more likely to receive the death penalty. People of color are more likely to get killed by the police. People of color are less likely to get a loan from the bank. People of color are less likely to get a promotion. It is with thoughts like this that movements like Black Lives Matter were generated. It is not that other lives don’t matter but rather the existing conditions are prejudiced against people of color and therefore attention must be brought to rectify the matter.
          The prison system in the United States is filled with young men of color. The number of young ‘black’ men that are in jail almost equals those that are in college. Prisons for profits prolong sentences and the times of sentences served. Their motivation to do so is that a longer an inmate stays in a jail the more money that they make. This philosophy is contrary to a humane one of reformation. Furthermore many people who are mentally ill are kept in prisons when they should be treated in psychiatric hospitals.
          According to the thirteenth amendment of the constitution, slavery is legal in the United States. Workers are paid a minuscule amount of money in an industry which generates up to two billion dollars a year annually. Prisoners are not paid minimum wage.  Finally the prisons are full of political prisoners.

          As a human being I cannot accept anything less than good and equal treatment to all people regardless of skin color or other factors. As long as social injustice exists there will be antagonism in our society. A true revolutionary should be concerned about the welfare of everybody. If one of us suffers all of us suffer.  

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