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Revolution Made Easy Chapter 4 Reasons For Revolution Part 2

Chapter 4 Reasons For Revolution Part 2

          Where are we going as a people? What is the point of living? If your mindset is materialistic, that you are living for possessions or accumulating large sums of money than your thinking is part of the problem. The ecological wealth of the Earth is our greatest asset. The Earth collectively doesn’t belong to us; no man can claim the Earth as its own rather the bounty of the Earth belongs to all of mankind. It was meant to be shared for all of our benefit.  Yet today we see a few destroying to Earth for the sake of money.
          Money is a fictional concept, whether it is a coin or a dollar bill. The piece of paper has no intrinsic value, meaning that it is totally useless. Rather it is worth something only because society has dictated that it is worth something. If the power behind the money ever lost its position or place, all currency would be simply colored pieces of paper, even more so today when the U.S. dollar is a fiat currency. It used to be that the paper currency was backed up by gold. That is for every dollar one possessed that they could exchange it for a predetermined amount of gold. But that is no longer the case.
          In fact the system is going away from cash totally in favor to digits upon a computer. That is why stores are giving coupons exclusively for use over electronic phones and other devices. They want to train people in using electronics and get them away from cash. If all of money was reduced to electronics it would be a simple matter to control the personal economy of individuals. If somebody did something that the government or the banks didn’t like they would simply delete their account robbing them of all of their assets.
          So what does this have to do with ecology?  We are destroying what is valuable for what is total rubbish. Money is not supreme. Rather at best it is a convenience or at worst it is a demon to which people sell their souls for. There is a Native American proverb which states, When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money. We are on a road to destruction, slowly killing ourselves, all for the almighty dollar.
          Revolutionaries are dreamers and we can see beyond what exists today. So much of nature is needlessly being destroyed for pure greed. Plastic bottles are dumped in the ocean rather than being recycled. GMO’s are being used despite the potential traumatic dangers they pose to mankind. The rivers, skies and oceans are used for dumping grounds for pollution. Animals are exploited and are penned up as opposed to having a natural life. We are using nature as a tool to exploit instead of looking at the Earth as a partner in life.
          Look at architecture and view the majestic buildings of yesterday. Despite advances in all forms of technology we no longer build elegant buildings of the past. The reason is that the bottom line dominates every single motive. The architect is not rewarded for coming up with a beautiful design but rather for something economically efficient. Despite having masses of unemployed that could benefit from intricate construction projects things are kept to a minimum budget.  So we get box after box.
          If the engineers had their way they would pave the whole world with black top as it would solve all of their problems. In New Jersey we have the Garden State Parkway which is a road of about one hundred and seventy two miles. On either side of the Parkway are woods. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to plant peach trees and apple trees along with some raspberry bushes along that road? Then if you were traveling and got hungry all you would have to do would be to pull over on the shoulder and help yourself. The Native Americans of what is called North America had communal gardens such as this.
          But the government of the United States is not concerned with the welfare of the people. It is not even a priority on their list. They only listen to us when we make some noise and threaten them with revolution. Henry Kissinger, one of the most evil of persons who ever lived, once said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” That is the kind of world that we are living in. Those who are wealthy beyond our wildest imagination are like fat pigs lusting for more slop of mammon. In the process they are destroying our world. What will be left for our grandchildren if we do not stop them now?

          We are on a road to nowhere. That road is polluting and destroying the nature of this planet.  Global warming, nuclear radiation, fossil fuels, and other ecological factors are all contributing to Mother Earth’s demise. The pipelines are leaking; the reactors are poisoning us, the tar sands destroying massive amounts of pristine nature. Pick your poison big business is sacrificing nature on the altar of commerce. Will you rise up to defend her? 

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