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The Power Of Art

The Power of Art

          The most powerful weapon is an idea. More so than a gun or even an atomic bomb. You can kill a man but you cannot kill an idea. This simple notion explains so much of the conflict that we are experiencing in the world today. Those with wealth and power lust for more. Those with very little want their fair share. If the truth was commonly known things would change overnight. But those in control convolute the clarity of reality with lies.
          Whether it is patriotism or religious dogma or hatred the end results is always the same. It is a call for those who do not have to sacrifice on the parts of those who have. Look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are not 'a war on terror'. Rather they are attempts to steal resources from the indigenous peoples of foreign lands. Nevertheless they are portrayed as a noble cause. The fact that more veterans die from suicide then actual combat is a strong telling of the truth.
          For those of use aware of the truth or at least partially aware, we have a tremendous responsibility. We must get the message out. We are facing a sophisticated enemy that employs any weapon at their disposal. Whether it be the infiltration of the Black Panthers by FBI COINTRELPRO, the bombing of the MOVE house or modern drone attacks there is a common thread. A desire to destroy anything that challenges the system.
          Many look at the brutality of the oppressor and feel there is only hope with meeting violence with violence. To quote Lucy Parsons, "Never be deceived the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth." But there is another option. That is to win the hearts and the souls of the people.
          We must understand that the illusionary representation of the United States is both strong and virtuous. After all every citizen goes through twelve years of indoctrination. We are taught of an idealist benevolent country that never lost in war. "The greatest country ever." Something worthy both to kill and die for.
          However the truth is there. Starting with the genocide of the Native Americans to chattel slavery to immigration oppression, to wars of conquest, it is there. The true story of America is one both violent and evil. But it is also one of beauty and bravery with many heroes. These are the heroes of the oppressed. Those that have risen up and challenged the status quo for the benefit of the masses.
          Let me introduce you to "Joe Hill". Forever a hero of the working class. Joe would take popular Christian tunes and turn them into songs of inspiration for the working class. As a result of this Joe Hill was executed in Utah on trumped up charges. Despite intervention on many, including President Woodrow Wilson, Joe Hill was shot dead by a firing squad. The question then is why did they kill Joe Hill?
          The answer is that his method was effective. His songs distributed by the International Workers of the World were sung all over the country. They were songs for the working class by the working class. In the beauty of the art there is some intangible that empowers. Thus Joe Hill was a very dangerous man.
          Fast forward a couple of hundred years to the invention of Hip Hop. Though you might not believe it, it was originally positive. However there was a meeting by record executives that it should turn negative. Thus instead of solidarity and brotherhood it transformed into gangsters pimping whores. Of course there were well thought out motives in this change that went far beyond profits.
          "It twas beauty that killed the beast." I hope you are revolted by the evil in the world. I hope when you hear that men, women and children were blown up in a drone strike it makes you want to vomit. It just shows that you are functioning normally as a human being. But there is one more necessary step to take. You must do something to rectify the situation. To sit idle is almost as bad as participating.
          Why are there no songs on the radio against the current wars? Or nothing speaking against the pollution? Or the rise of fascism in the United States? It is because the media is controlled by a minority. It is the same minority that possess most of the world's material wealth.
          But the people have the power. Unfortunately their minds are darkened by lies. Deliberate fallacies told to them in what is called 'education'. I refer you back to my earlier article "The Myth of Nations". But light can shine in a dark place. The best place to constantly shine a light is to present it in an unforgettable way. Art is the medium for a better future.
          Creativity comes from the Creator. See the similarity in the spelling of the words. Creativity is birth from originality. When originality dies evil creeps in. Why do all soldiers, who are trained to kill, all where the same uniforms? What is this call to conform? It is an attempt to stifle independent thought. If you really understood that you were snuffing out the life of someone just like you, you wouldn't do it. Thus to make people kill you must destroy what exists naturally in the mind. You fill their minds with hatred and take away the force of Love.
          I challenge you. Explore the motives and desires of other people. Make an honest search. Read all sides of the issue. Don't take anybody's word on things. Investigate. Most importantly look at the art. It has power that can transform and liberate. If you chose to closer your eyes and ears then your guilt has already been decided. I want to share a poem from my book "Poet to the Poor, Poems of Hope for the Bottom One Percent." It shares my escape from being brainwashed.

I Once Was a Fascist

By John Kaniecki

I once was a fascist
And thought I was supreme
I was presented an eternal quest
Called the American dream
I was instructed to prosper and succeed
That accomplishment was to satisfy one’s greed
That money brought eternal bliss
Wealth was something not to miss
America too was noble and grand
Far superior to any land
We never lost in war we were far too strong
And we were always right incapable of wrong
From kindergarten on I saluted the flag
And of all of our glory I would boast and brag
Then observation testified I learned a lie
Irrefutable evidence came I could not deny
And inner torment raged in my brain
The agony surged and I went insane
I once was a fascist
But that man no longer does exist
He is dead, nailed to a tree
I once was a fascist but now I am free

Signing off for now,

John 'FeatherLeaf' Kaniecki 

To Purchase Poet to the Poor

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