Monday, January 18, 2016

Free Poem Give Away

Give Me Something To Work With

          Here it is ladies and gentlemen. "Turn a Page or Two" is getting ready for it's grand opening. We've got a lot of exciting events planned so please stick around. We still have to declare the exciting purpose of this blog! This ain't your mama's blog you know.
          If you have read the entries on the blog you would know that I write poetry. If you haven't read the entries on the blog, shame on you.  So repent and read. Today we're going to explore the poetry. As such we're going to play a little game. I am going to personally write poem for you. Yes that's right I'll write you own personal poem for free. Something for you to treasure for all your years. All you got to do is "Give Me Something To Work With". I'll try to write as many poems as possible. So try to inspire me with a title. Or give me details, or words to use. Give me anything you want.
          So comment on this blog with your words. We're going to star this real slow and then pick up the pace. Everybody who posts a comment is going to be entered into a drawing for some great prizes.

          Please see my personal website for my two poetry books.

Murmurings of a Mad Man

Poet to the Poor 

Let's get those comments rolling. Author maintains all copyrights.  

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