Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Giant Versus 100 Midgets

A Giant Versus 100 Midgets

          On the left our motivation is from the heart. We are people of passion. Our passion is of course divided through a plethora of causes. Whether it be antiwar, the environment, ending poverty, giving all a democratic voice, against animal cruelty, promoting indigenous peoples rights, why the list is very long isn't it? It is a group of people loosely affiliated under the general banner of doing good towards others.
          On the right this is not so. The general attitude of conservatives is self serving. That is they want to embolden themselves. They seek personal profit. Take for example the brainless mantra, "Make America great again". Exactly in what way are they trying to do that? Are they trying to increase our kindness and generosity? Are they trying to eliminate poverty and help the disenfranchised? Not at all. What they are saying is that they want to build up the country's military prowess and it's economic dominance. Why? Because such actions will bolster their own selfish status. Even if just in their ego.
          I stand boldly on the left. I have ideals and I believe in fulfilling those ideals no matter what price I pay. Progress, let alone some Utopian state is a far away reality. Still I say this, if every little step of the journey is done correctly then the big steps will follow as well. So many times people consider selling out because of circumstance. If they just compromise this once there is a tangible gain to receive, now. Resist such temptations.
          So you can understand how the right is a powerful group of people. But they are far from strong. Let us now define power and strength. During the Vietnam War, the United States was clearly the powerful entity. They had jet bombers, a navy, savage troops well equipped, why the arsenal was fierce. But the opposition consisting of the Vietnamese people had strength. They had this sense of community as a people that they were one. They wanted to be free from oppression and determine their own lives. They wanted a better life for their children.  And thus you see that the most powerful country in the world was defeated by an impoverished people consisting of mostly peasants. There is a lesson to be learned here. Strength always defeats power. Never give up!
          Now the right has no ideals. In fact they are a mockery. Some claim to be pro life fighting against abortion. But once the child is born they have no interest. These same people for the most part endorse the death penalty and have no qualms about going to war. So if a baby is killed on an abortion table it is wrong. But if a pregnant mother is blown up by a cluster bomb, well that's acceptable as collateral damage. You see when you put it into real life how hypocritical these people actually are.
          Take for example their ardent stance on capitalism. The big Wall Street firms wanted no regulations controlling their operation. Over time the rules and restrictions were eventually removed. What happened? The greedy pigs who control these massive investment firms wound up bankrupting their companies. Now under real capitalism the government shouldn't interfere. After all it what these heinous individuals were long campaigning for. However when they were facing losing their money the insisted the government help them. "Too big to fail", was their cry. Never mind they were shattering their own ideals. The truth is these people have no ideals. They share one religion and that is greed. These people are motivated primarily by the love of money.
          So we see on the right you have ruthless individuals only concerned about themselves. On the left you have altruistic nobility. It is easy for the right to accumulate power. Conversely on the left we are the heirs of strength. Remember strength always defeats power. It is a law inherit to the universe.
          On the left because of the diversity of our motivation we are divided. But this actually works in our favor. It is easier to kill the giant then a hundred midgets. To kill the giant you simply need to take off the head and the whole body dies. Sure the giant can crush a few of the midgets but he can't get us all. On the right you have a cruel monolithic juggernaut trying to destroy everything that doesn't bow down to it's idol of insanity. You see it's a battle between a giant and a hundred midgets. It's the classic conflict of power versus strength. Goliath is fighting David.
          So where do we go from here? To quote "Joe Hill" a famous American political prisoner assassinated by the state of Utah, "organize". That's right, we on the left have to get our act together. We don't have to become one in the sense that we are forsaking our virtues. But we have to become one in purpose and actions. So the question begs, what should we be united under?
          First and foremost that the system has to changed from one the serves the right into one that serves the left. That is power to the people and away from the corporations and the wealthy. This incredible task is a world wide struggle. We cannot rest until every citizen of the Earth is liberated from their cruel task masters. Look at it this way. If you live in a block infested with roaches and you clear out all of the vermin except in one house what happens? Why the roaches regain their strength and infest the houses that were once cleansed. As such we cannot stop our fight until there is a satisfactory condition for everyone on the planet.
          Secondly we must forsake the use of violence and the threat of violence. Disputes should not be settled by a military agenda. Might does not make right. In the same way we should not glorify the school yard bully we should not praise a nation's military prowess. It is not noble in any way or fashion that you are adept at killing people. In fact it is a tell tale sign of the savage insanity of your own self. I am a pacifist and would never consider using violence personally. Saying this there is a difference between war and self defense. Especially in domestic circumstances. It is easy for somebody outside of the 'hood' to say don't pick up a gun when you are not the one being killed daily by the police. Also there is a difference between picking up a gun and using one as the Black Panthers have aptly illustrated.
          Finally I leave the most important element to last. All things must be done in Love, forsaking malice. This here is the key to victory. We must recognize that the movement on the left is a people's movement. Therefore we want to promote the people. To do so that means empowering them.  This necessitates education. Not only must we respect differences in culture but we must share power in respectful humility. A true leader does not conceive of where the people want to go. Rather he articulates their desires.
          I leave these words broad and general on purpose. I could speak further about my own preferences and ideas. I neglect to do so for this reason. Liken a revolution unto a journey. We are in New York City. Our collective destination is out West. Some want to go to California, others Texas, some Nebraska. Why divide ourselves at this crucial initial juncture? Cannot we walk together and share the burdens and hardships of the road as one? If we do so all will be more successful. In the process we will learn of each other's nature. Perhaps then our final destination also shall change.
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Signing off for now,

John 'FeatherLeaf' Kaniecki

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