Friday, March 25, 2016

Why Are We Standing On The Corner?


Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

We are against the war.  The war is a bad thing which destroys and ruins the lives of many.  Our young men and women are sent into harms way; some to come back in coffins, some to come back disabled never to be the same, some come back psychologically damaged.  The best way to support the troops is to bring them back home.

Also there is a great toll on the people of Iraq.  Over a hundred thousand
Citizens have died.  These people have never done anything to hurt the
United States.  They are just innocent civilians who unfortunately got in the
way. These were human beings just like you.  Mothers, children, babies,
Grand parents. The country of Iraq lies in ruins.  War is not working.

We cannot change the past no matter how much we would like to.  The war
is a reality we cannot uninvade Iraq.  But we can change the future. There is
talk about America invading Iran.  WE DO NOT WANT MORE WAR.
 We have had more than enough death, destruction and suffering from this
war. Don’t forget all the resources wasted that could have been better used.

George Bush and his government have problems with Iran.  These are legitimate problems over terrorism and nuclear weapons.  Yet the Bush administration refuses to talk to the other side.  This is insanity.  Give peace a chance. 

We must take action.  We must avoid another war.  That is why we stand on the corner.  We stand for people of all walks of life and people of all religions and beliefs.  We stand because we know this war is morally wrong.  We stand because we do not want to see one more innocent person die.  We stand because we care and we want peace.

We know from the reactions of those who pass by that the majority is in full support.  Yet there are only a dozen of us on the corner.  Don’t you care about the evil being done in the name of all Americans? Don’t you want to right the wrong?  If there were five hundred of us people would notice.  Do not be silent in the face of evil.  Stand with us on the corner and make your voice heard. 

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