Monday, March 28, 2016

Poet To The Poor -Beyond The Poetry

Poet To The Poor- Beyond The Poetry

          Before one can solve a problem one must find a solution. This is of course a mental endeavor. One can only share a vision when one can articulate it. That is to express a thought into words so that it can be shared and conveyed to another. That is why education is so important. To learn from those who walked our way in the past and to have the means to learn from one another. We must be able to talk the talk or we can never walk the walk.
          I defy the logical view of life. I am not saying that life is not logical. Rather I am emphasizing that there is something more. There is an intangible that exists. A 'spirit' to humanity if you will. There is something that makes a certain combination of musical notes pleasurable to the ear. There is something in the right coordination of colors and brush strokes that thrills the heart. There is something in words, when cleverly written that inspire the soul to action.
          Poet To The Poor, Poems Of Hope For The Bottom One Percent is a book of poetry with a mission. It is one that will infuse the reader with a zeal of revolutionary desire to change the world. For the common man has many heroes. Some, Jesus Christ, Langston Hughes, Pete Seeger, Fred Hampton, Mumia Abu Jamal, Joe Hill and Mother Jones are recognizable names. (And if you don't know them you should investigate them!!) But there are many more. Unknown almost anonymous faces from my life who have bravely struggled in their daily existence.
          For you see society is created from the whole. Though the rich man dominates, the world is certainly not is. As Chief Joseph taught the indigenous lesson, 'nobody can own the land'. In the same way 'nobody can own the truth'. There in lies the beauty of Poet To The Poor. It speaks of those truths, present, past and future that the bankers and their ilk would like for us to forget. It presents ideas that have the potential of changing the world.

The Mistress Money

By John Kaniecki

She’s a sultry siren singing her song
A temptress with a taunting desire
Men blindly serve her doing all wrong
Cold as ice hot as hell fire
Money, that’s her name
Evil is her favorite game
She seems to be a mighty power
Her servants kill, destroy and devour
But she is simply a piece of paper
Free your mind you shall escape her
Money, that’s her name
Greed it is to blame
Don’t fall in love with Mistress Money
Don’t make her your sweet honey
She’ll give you a thrill
All the while setting you up for the kill
She laughs when nothings funny
That’s Mistress Money

          Poet to the Poor is a journey. It will take you places that you never even knew existed. Important places where you can gather strength and learn wisdom. It is a work in the greater context of the left. It draws from our diversity but unifies us in our purpose. To make the world a better place for all people to live in.
          Above all it is written for the disenfranchised. For the poor fellow who is down and out on his luck. Hope is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea. If you can get a man to believe that there is something good coming down the line than wonderful things will happen. Not only will they survive but they will work towards a brighter future. Hope never surrenders.

          Please support the cause by purchasing "Poet To The Poor, Poems Of Hope For The Bottom On Percent". The Kindle edition can bought for less than two dollars. For less than a cup of coffee you can get something the will warm your heart. And if you are kind enough to purchase my book of poetry then please give a review on Amazon. At a certain point I hope that Poet To The Poor will become a loud voice in the never ending struggle against oppression for liberation of all. The revolution will always survive it is up to us to make it thrive.



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