Friday, March 18, 2016

We Can Only Win With Bernie

We Can Only Win With Bernie

          What is at stake in the presidential election? The possible extermination of mankind. What is going on? First and foremost there is endless war. The so called 'war on terror' has spread. Of course the only real terrorists are the those conducting the 'war on terror', or urging it on. The United States has no right and certainly no moral high ground to invade, bomb or destroy nations. In the process stealing their precious resources, particularly oil.
          Obama of course was no darling of the peace community. Beside the extensive drone warfare, president Obama bombed Syria and destroyed Libya. However Libya was done under N.A.T.O oversight. Which suggests to me that an African American man really didn't want to destroy one of the most prosperous nations in Africa. Whatever the case, Libya was destroyed and afterwards the witch Hillary laughs, "we came, we saw, he died". What she is chuckling about is the murder of the Libyan leader Qaddafi who was slain in brutal fashion.
          The reaction of Hillary Clinton in fact encapsulates the whole problem. The United States as a nation has never valued the sanctity of human life. Life and death is no joking matter. Starting from it's reckless genocide of the indigenous peoples, to the brutal chattel slaver of Africans, to the dropping of two atomic bombs on civilian populations.  The Untied States in it's constant warfare has been brutal not caring whom they kill. For America as a whole has placed the value of mammon over the worth of human life. Especially if one's skin color is darker in tone.
          So does Bernie Sanders have a great foreign policy record? Not really. He did oppose the war on Iraq and that is a very important distinction that needs to be made. He made the right choice at time when his voice was unpopular. Now Hillary claims she made a mistake. That is an understatement. A mistake is spilling some ink on a new dress. Invading a sovereign nation on trumped up lies resulting in the deaths of millions is a tragedy. When it comes to committing to war or not  you only get one chance to get it right. All Hillary's apologies won't bring back the dead or reverse the destruction, or bring back or spent resources. I don't want a president who will repeat her 'mistakes'.
          Bernie does give lip service to the 'war on terror' which is a farce. Also he refuses to stand up and condemn the state called "Israel" which brutally occupies Palestine. Still Bernie would slow down the descent into the murky grave of world war three. This would be done by default. In providing universal health care for everyone, along with free college and boosting our infrastructure  there will be scant money left for the military. Thus the endless war may get a reprise in the same fashion we knew peace under Jimmy Carter.
          The Republicans of course offer nothing but insane war mongers. Donald Trump who is following Hitler's plan to power is no solution. Ted Cruz falsely portraying himself as a 'Christian' is in fact more dangerous than Trump. Cruz said something to the effect, "I don't know if sand glows but we'll find out." This is a reference of course to excessive bombing in the Middle East. Basically a call for genocide of Arabs by air power. So much for Jesus clear teachings of "loving neighbor" and "loving one's enemy".
          Still there is another area in which mankind is threatened and that is our ecology. Remember Fukushima it has been five years. It has not gotten any better either. Radiation is still going into the Pacific Ocean with no solution. Perhaps it is "Wormwood" as the book of Revelation has predicted would occur. The powers that be don't like to talk about it because they can't solve this problem. Add on fracking, global warm, and the general pollution we are in serious problems.
   I put my faith in God not man. But I believe that God wants his children to stand up to evil. To be righteous and fight for the ideals that we should believe in. A world without war, hunger, poverty. A place of sharing and caring. There is much work to be done. Is Bernie Sanders the perfect candidate? Not at all. But he is clearly the best candidate who could actually win. And he is not the best by a little but by immense magnitudes. Hillary, Cruz or Trump would most likely get us into World War 3 in their term. I am voting for Bernie Sanders and I urge you to do so. To my leftist friends I am not selling out rather I am being practical.

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  1. Bernie's my choice too. Meanwhile, I'm praying for more sanity in our country, especially In politics.