Friday, April 21, 2017

Poetry Book Opportunity To Be Published

Do you want your very own poetry book published?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is John Kaniecki. My poetry has been published now in over eighty outlets and I have written four poetry books. I have also just finished editing my first poetry book. (I will post the links to my books at the end of this short article.)

Of the four poetry books three were published by small publishing companies and one was self published. (When I say self published I don’t mean through some company but through my own efforts.)

The reality of poetry is that it is very difficult to sell. Most of the poetry books that I have sold were either to people I knew or to friends of friends. However I do have success in selling my books on Facebook. The method I use is that when a friend on Facebook has a birthday I offer to write them a free poem. As such I hope that they will purchase my work. This had brought moderate success.

In all honesty self publishing is a waste of money. You get a little for a lot of money. While it is beyond my scope to make a total statement I would safely say that most self publishing companies are a rip off. They do very little for you and take in a whole lot. This is especially true in poetry where editing isn’t as much of a necessity as in writing prose.

Small publishers vary in the amount of effort they put into supporting your books. A legitimate small publisher will provide all of your services for free. They will provide cover art, get you an ISBN number, format your book, and get it for sale on their website. The small publishers get paid a commission on sales. Also when you the author order books for your personal sales they make a small amount on each book.

A big publisher won’t touch a poetry book unless you are famous or somehow you could generate thousands of sales.

I write poetry for the love of it. I am a Christian serving as a volunteer missionary for almost nine years now in the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey. I don’t believe in money and I feel that capitalism is a system of exploitation.

So here I am kicking around ideas in my head on how to survive. I am a full time caregiver for my wife and I can’t work a regular job. Thus I have invested a lot of time in my writing; in addition to poetry I writer prose and song lyrics. I haven’t had enough success to take care of my finances so I am looking into other matters.

I am contemplating a business where I will publish poetry books for other people. I will charge a nominal fee for my efforts and you will get the complete package. That is a cover, a back cover, an ISBN number, a formatted book and I will also get you available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and the other conventional online sellers. You will keep one hundred percent of your royalties.

Presently I am in the baby birth portion of this endeavor with this being my first announcement. I want to work out the kinks in the system. So if you want me to do the process of publishing your poetry book for you I will at this point do all the services for a fee of $225.
 However you must live in the vicinity of Newark, New Jersey or at least be willing to travel close to me.

For a very limited time if you purchase my four poetry books, my memoirs, my science fiction book and two horror books, (all in hard cover where available) and write reviews on Amazon I will publish your poetry book. That would amount to less than eighty dollars. 

Please contact me first in this regard. I will only work with manuscripts that I believe in. There are two reasons I am doing this. The first is the publicity. I firmly believe that I can deliver to you a quality product and a happy customer would be the best advertiser. The second is that I am testing interest of the general public.

Under these conditions I cannot deliver a hand made cover and I would have to rely on templates created from photographs.

Once again please contact me first for this limited offer. 

If you have a great book of poetry that fits my philosophy of life and writing that would certainly help the matter. 

Please contact me at-

If you want further services such as improving the poetry that you have written I can assist you in that matter as well.

Here are some links.  

A Poet’s Words

By John Kaniecki

If I was a sage
I’d say something wise
If I was the devil
I’d whisper sweet little lies
If I was a prophet
I’d tell of things to be
If I was your master
I’d set you free
If I was a singer
I would sing you a song
If I was a judge
I’d forgive you of your wrong
But I am just a poet
Simple and plain
So I won’t say anything

Because words are vain

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