Monday, September 19, 2016

For What It's Worth

For What It's Worth

For what it's worth. At age eighteen I was a brainwashed child with a narrow mind and little life experience. I was full of hatred and illogical beliefs. I can understand how I arrived at the point. I was immersed in a culture of hatred and lies. Escaping and learning new things I discovered that the overwhelming majority of what I was told was a lie.

God is not a Catholic. America is not a righteous country. Black people are not inferior. Money is not happiness. The list is in fact very long. I thank God for the grace to have escaped from hatred to Love. This journey literally drove me insane. The world I was taught to believe in did not exist. All the evidence was false and the facts interpreted wrong. I came to understand that these lies are purposely perpetuated to keep people in a state of oppression. One of the main reasons for this is that rich people can keep economic dominance over a poor people. The thrill of control, power and manipulation are other contributing factors.

Finding people who actually took Jesus serious was the beginning of the opening of my eyes. Not hypocrites who gave the Bible lip service but genuine believers. Here's a spiritual test. If you hate people for any reason you have failed. Hitchhiking around the United States was also an eye opener. I have been around rich people and I have been around poor people. I have been to Third World countries as an insider. Also I have extensively studied the cultures of other people and made a genuine effort to see the world through their eyes.

Here are some shocking truths.
1. Money is only paper and totally worthless.
2. You don't kill for Jesus under any circumstances.
3. The government doesn't have your best interests at heart.
4. Most clergy don't really believe what they preach.
5. America is as bad as Nazi Germany in it's aggression and only the method of genocide differs. Of course there are many other nations that are on the list like Great Britain, France, Japan among others.
6. School is in fact a prison. (Ask yourself this. Why does the government send a truant officer for children missing school but don't care if a child is starving in attendance?)
7. Education is a blatant lie when you are young and innocent. Overtime you are taught more of the truth. Eventually if you continue the process you are aware of the truth but lose the moral convictions to be outraged by it.
8. College doesn't make you more qualified to do a job unless you are in some specific discipline such as science or such. College tells an employer that you will submit to outrageous demands. That's why you study a broad array of disciplines. Not to expand your horizons but to do something you are forced into.
9. The vast majority of 'christians' are Satanic.
10. Violence is a sign of weakness and insecurity.
11. People of lower economics or those deemed socially undesirable are more generous and of higher character. I know this first hand from my experience with the mentally ill among other things.
12. More people will go to Hell than Heaven.
13. The news is propaganda and controlled by a handful of people.
14. Wall Street controls our government.

15. The Federal Reserve is a private institution.

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